Voice of Customer (VoC) \ Feedback kiosk

What is it?

Do you occasionally ask your customers’ opinion? If so, do you have an online survey or can you call your customers on the phone? Which customers do you reach? Only customers who gave their contact details to you? Right?

There are indeed two important opinions:
1. Customer’s viewpoint. Did he or she have a positive experience that you work on collectively together with your team every day? If not, you are able to make the improvements that are required.
2. And often omitted: Non–customers. Why do people leave your place without purchase? Their opinion has got critical importance from your business perspective. You should know them better.

Using our VoC \ feedback kiosk solution you can.  Imagine having the results of your customer feedback in a real time along with amazingly increased response rate – in order to bring you closer to your customers and know them better. You can also gather their contact details to be used for your marketing purposes. Sounds good?

Why to switch?

  • Concrete, attractive questionnaires which generate an amazing response rate.
  • Your results in real-time. No more waiting.
  • Widely accessible. For you, your store manager or other stakeholders.
  • Monitor Customer Satisfaction & Improve Customer Relationship
  • Merge perspectives: integration with Mystery Customer or other customer experience data.
  • Complaint management and closing the feedback loop. Address & manage negativity.

Or, if you want to know more, please contact us directly.