Is offering a good customer service important? Of course it is. You know it already. But are you given your customers opportunity to share their thoughts about the service they had?


Customer feedback to improve business?

Using customer feedback could help you to find out what’s most important for them and help you to focus on meeting or exceeding their needs. However, how is it for your customers to share their opinion? Do they have to fill lengthy and boring paper questionnaires? Can you have a good response rate for those? You know the answer.

Do you really listen to your customers?

Qualityo is leading a Voice of Customer (VoC) revolution, powered by the digital feedback tools – helping you know your customers opinions: anytime and anywhere. We provide VoC tools that handle and capture real time feedback from your visitors to share it instantly with those who need it & may benefit from it the most. How it may help? Real insights can help you to better acquire, engage, and retain your current customers. Power of actionable solutions may help you to improve and close your feedback loop and shorten the organizational learning curve.

How does it work?

Qualityo of invites customers to provide unsolicited feedback on their experiences and collects actionable, real-time in-depth data on every facet of the experience. This might include layout, customer experience, merchandising, staff performance, quality in general (food, coffee or any other products) or whatever you find important. We are using digital data collection tools which are exciting to your customers to interact with, adjusted & customized specifically for your industry and brand needs. All this, in order to help you to:

  • maximize unit revenue
  • optimize employee performance
  • optimize your customer experience
  • resolve customer complaints before they go viral
  • boost customer loyalty and satisfaction

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