Our research solutions for Financial sector

Is your front line staff providing the customer service you expect?

  • Do they comprehensively read customer’s need?
  • Are they effectively communicating details of your offer and recommending additional products?
  • Would your customers recommend your bank to a friend or colleague?

Knowing answers to these important questions may mean the difference between stagnation and growth for your bank. By implementing a mystery shopping program you might receive objective and subjective feedback regarding the customer experience with your frontline staff. Using this data you may build competitive advantage for your bank based on right insights and right level of understanding  the potential risks for your brand. There are number of direct applications for this data, but feedback on behaviour and perceived service levels gives you the opportunity to recognize your service superstars and attempt to replicate their performance. Thereby, this would lead to increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction and ensuring customer retention in a long run.

Qualityo mystery shopping and customer satisfaction solutions are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the financial services industry. We provide tailor-made research programmes, competitor insight, queuing, credit card suppression and product launch effectiveness studies. We may help you to fulfill your brand promise through cyclical monitoring of your employees performance and point-of-sale (POS) audits.

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