Our research solutions for Hospitality industry

As hospitality business professional you perfectly understand the importance of achieving excellence and having positive buzz among the clients. Thanks to Qualityo you might ensure that the right level of service is delivered constantly by your employees.
Our Mystery guest teams will help you to undersand the interactions between your staff and guests and allow to you to check how your place operates via wide and focused research lenses.

Some of the activities our teams may carry out include:

  • Making an inquiry and registering for membership
  • Making a phone reservation or booking
  • Visiting to dine and experience the entertainment
  • Staying overnight in a hotel, which may include use of some or all of the facilities
  • Purchasing a product, examining the product presentation and attributes
  • Seeking advice from reception, management or a central function

Your program will deliver full feedback from our mystery shoppers and a review of your point of sale and interactions with staff. Ultimately the guest perception and experience is the true measure of service and product quality. To assist you in improving the customer experience we will develop a unique measure of customers’ experience against your vision and together we will determine target client groups for your organization to focus on.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.