Our mystery shopper unique offer

What makes Qualityo unique?

We are proud to distinguish ourselves with:

  • A Team of highly qualified auditors – with a large network of mystery shoppers across Vietnam we are able to deliver large scale programs. Our staff are devoted to the idea of quality over quantity to ensure and dedicated to supplying highest quality results for this reason we provide them with a unique training track and monitor their work by the means of a specialized quality system that guarantees that quality results are being constantly delivered.
  • Broad control & fast feedback – our Clients choose the dates and time frames for surveys to be conducted. All reports undergo a quality control process and are reviewed by Qualityo team. Reports are delivered within the agreed time frame. Recurring projects will be uploaded within ~72 hours since the audit completion..
  • State of the art reporting tools – giving you direct access to a fantastic array of reporting and analysis tools, customized to your specific business requirements. Starting from general dashboards to detailed data allowing you to drill down and reveal patterns and trends which headline figures may not readily communicate.
  • Easily available & secure data access – All your data is secure, password controlled on encrypted servers. Easily defined  access administration allows you to precisely control which users see specific reporting data.
  • Media enriched – a simple click is enough to recognize the whole shopper experience behind the report. Giving you full understanding of delivered results.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.