Are you running a restaurant or the hotel? For sure you care about your customers. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had an opportunity to know more what do they think about you?

(before it reaches social media…)

Now you can! With C@MSI – (computer-assisted-mobile-self-interviewing) station – may help you to reach even the most reluctant customers and receive on-premise, realtime feedback.


How does it work?

  • Each customer, in the moment of receiving the bill – will open money tray with the installed tablet device (C@MSI) – inviting to share his feedback about the experience via customized and branded, gamified questionnaire.
  • In engaging form, customers receive an opportunity to share their thoughts about your performance and let you know what should be improved to make you perform better – so you can respond quickly when things inevitably do go wrong.


Seize the moment!

  • Results are uploaded in the real time on your private account, providing you instant insights on your performance.
  • Each customer is asked to provide contact details (email and/or phone) – so you can close the loop. 
  • To improve input even further – we use algorithms to re-validate quality of gathered data.
  • Your results may be accessed on store \ region or general level. Safely and quickly. To have a realtime powerful and insightful overview.

Rediscover Your Business And Reach Your Full Potential With Feedback Driven Analytics.

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