Our solutions for Retailers

We offer bespoke solutions to all manner of retailers. Using sales monitoring by phone, on line or using face to face audits. Whether you are a newly started online retailer or an established chain of high street stores, we can help you devise a suitable programme for you.

We may help you find out what’s really happening inside the retail environment:

  • Have PoS displays reached the store?
  • Is the retailer presenting them properly?
  • Is the pricing correct?
  • Is the retailer keeping to your brand standards and complying with the core elements of your promotions?

We understand what it takes to carry out a high quality retail audit. We collect detailed information about store environments and produce clear reports which will help you to meet your business goals. Our work covers point-of-sale (POS) audits, POS displays, brand audits, price checking, promotional compliance, product audits, stock availability audits and much more.

Our services include:

  • Stock availability
  • POS placement
  • Brand standards
  • Price checks

Our auditors will provide you all the information on retail environment issues necessary to understand factors what may affect your business performance. Just contact us today to know more about our services, credentials and reporting crafted specifically for your retail business.